Psychosexual history

Psychosexual history
Offer a chaperone.
1. Ask about
• Age at puberty/menarche
• Age at first ejaculation/masturbation
• What was you parents’ attitude towards sexual matters?
• How did you attain sexual information?
• What is your sexual orientation?
2. At what age did you have your first sexual relationship
3. Relationships and marital history. Longest relationship? Reasons for break
ups? Any extramarital affairs?
4. Do you practice safe sex? Has that always been the case? Enquire about
sexually transmitted diseases
5. Are you currently in a relationship? Any problems? Is there any inconsistency
between your partner’s and your sexual desire? How does that affect you?
Are you and your partner committed to each other? How would you describe
the communication in your relationship?
6. Do you have children? Have you had any abortions? Are you in contact with
your children?
7. Do you have any sexual difficulties? Have you noticed a change in desire?
Premature or delayed ejaculation/problems with erection? Does it occur in all
situations (while masturbating?)? What makes it better/worse? Have you
received any treatment?
8. In females enquire about problems with penetration (vaginismus) and pain
during intercourse.
9. Do you use any street drugs?
10. Are you on any regular medication?
11. Do you have any unusual sexual interests? Do you get excited by inanimate
objects like shoes etc? Any homosexual fantasies? Wish to be a member of
the opposite sex (gender dysphoria). Any cross-dressing?
12. Have you ever been hurt in any way? Any violence in any of your