Acute Kidney Failure Causes Causes of acute kidney failure fall into one of the following categories: Prerenal: Problems affecting the flow of blood before it reaches the kidneys Postrenal: Problems affecting the movement of urine out of the kidneys Renal: Problems with the kidney itself that prevent proper filtration of blood or production of urine … Read more


SINUSITISCHIMSECE   Martin Musonda, a 19 years grade 12 pupil at AnoyaZuluHigh School is admitted to your Medical Ward with a diagnosis of severe smusitis. (a) (i) Define Sinusitis 5% (ii) Mention the four (4) main sinusis 8% (b) State six (6) signs and symptoms of sinusitis 12% (c) Discuss the management of Musonda till … Read more


Anemia is the reduction in red blood cells (erythrocytes) thus decreasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood due to the following (1) excessive blood loss (2) deficiencies and abnormalities of RBC production (3) Excessive destruction of RBC. *Common Symptoms of Anemia These symptoms appear in most types of anemia: pale skin dizziness fatigue headaches … Read more