Terms and Conditions

Healthcmedic holds the view that a health
professional should at all times act in the best interest of the patient and
place the clinical needs of the patient paramount. To this end, a health
professional should always try to avoid potential conflicts of interests and
maintain professional autonomy, independence and commitment to the
appropriate professional and ethical norms. Any conflicts of interests or
incentive or form of inducement which threatens or compromises such
autonomy, independence or commitment to the appropriate professional
and ethical norms or which does not accord first priority to the clinical need
of a patient, is unacceptable.
however, that over-servicing
or perverse incentive of whatever nature is unacceptable.
Healthcmedic seeks to identify and provide guidance
regarding those incentive schemes and forms of inducement which it finds
unacceptable. It must be clearly stated that the perverse incentives or
potential conflicts of interests set out in this document should not in any
way be regarded as an exhaustive list.